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Thursday, August 14, 2014

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IDF Merkava 2 with KMT-4 Mineroller - Wip#1

A short post and i skipped the initial stage of construction due to other commitments..

This build is in conjunction with the Modern AFV Showdown due in September 13, 2014 in HobbyHQ Kuala Lumpur.

a few other build of mine also will make a trip there... :)

my 2nd merkava thus far and this is OOB with all of the Academy flaws that come with it... (it being a prototype version etc..)

anyway.. progress was normal according to the Instructions ..

the famous ball-and-chains-curtains were present but in the form of stiff-white metal.. so cannot compare with the other offering with the real-chains and PE... (me being true to the OOB build biggrin.gif)

i added some antislip on the surface using Tamiya dio-paint (sand grit).

and now at the painting stage..

my mix of paint is H315 + H81 ratio.. hmm maybe 3:1

after some preshading with black and 2 layers of hairspray... below is where i'm at..

The roller


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