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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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IDF Merkava 2 with KMT-4 Mineroller - Wip#2- Jersey Barrier

A little Update.. for the Jersey Barrier

in a bid to make my dio-base busy... i'll add some Jersey barrier..

there are a few company out there that offers the barrier in plastics & resin form but me trying to try again the task of making one tries very hard to ignore the temptation to get the AM barrier.

I've done this before with my Challenger 2 build.. so the drawings and measurement still available.. [Jersey Barrie @ Challenger 2 build]

i'll be making it 2 way.. 1) using plastics sheets 2) using the plastics sheet as a mold.

 1) its pretty straight forward... measure the drawing divide by 35 and you have the 35th scale.. draw it on the sheet and cut... and then glue all the parts accordingly.

2) Next i'll roughen the surface with thinner and brush... (next step)

below the plastics sheet version..
Making mold
i repeat the same step as above... but this time i didnt glue one side of the barrier.. so i'll be a bit easy to remove the barrier later on..

i used Lego block to hold the mold..

 tonight i'll mix some Pollyfilla and pour it into the mold.. and see how that turn out.. maybe i'll need to make the mixture a bit thick.

will post more update later on and my drawing is as below based on the original barrier drawing from the internet..

 until later...
next : The base

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