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Thursday, January 01, 2015

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Panda Models 1/48 X-35B (Prototype) - Completed

Happy new year 2015 to everyone!!!
and i start the new year with a completed build for my Panda Models F-35B (X-35B)

It was abandoned in several stages over the past few years... i think i started this back in 2007-2008... 

i remember halt the build after surfacer treatment... after painting.. and also after decalling... and a few months (or even years even) in between those stages..

This a very old build that have seen the inside of the box countless time.... and finally after so many years i manage to finish it due to a motivation by a Campaign held by the "Unfinished Business Campaign"

Review of the kit can be viewed from

The mandatory box art..

Finished this a few weeks back but only manage to upload it here now..

I'll do a summary of my completed build for year 2014 later and what year 2015 holds for me is still unknown... but i sense a water related build for year 2015.. :D

enjoy for now..


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