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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Trumpeter 1/72 CH-47A Chinook Helicopter - WIP#5 (decal completed)

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[The rest of the build WIP can be viewed @CH-47a Chinook WIP]

- A very productive weekend for me..

completed the decal for the chinook and a layer of future already been applied to seal the decal..

as usual i used Mr Mark Setter & Softer for decal application over a layer of clear-coated surface..

the decal fit nicely and conform well to the surface with the help of the decal solutions.

Now i let it to dry for a day before another clear coat is sprayed on and ready the surface for the next step...

1. oil wash & a bit of weathering
2. Unmasking of the clear parts.. bulge windows, windows and cockpit..

on to the photos..


until later.. kuman

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