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Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Trumpeter 1/32 A-10 2-seater N/aw - Completing It- W.I.P #1

It's very rare that someone pass to you his whole stash for you to finish it... and i'm one of the lucky few that was given an opportunity to owned such a stash..

i received around 20 boxes of kits in various conditions and scales and one of those is this BIG A-10A N/AW (2-seater tank in the sky) - (also a single seater A-10, that is for another time :o) )

my friend had joined the fuselage and have all the part glued together... but the cockpit are not in the fuselage yet.. so my task is to get it inside without much the needs for extensive surgery.

Lucky for'll be easy to do so without much surgery... i guess.

A-10 kit is known for its tail-sitting-ness..

this one is no exception... so after using 15 of these fishing weight.. i manage to get it to sit properly.

and the amount of fishing-weight i use in the fuselage..

and cover it with some sticky stuff..

next will be the ejection seat :)


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