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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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1/35 Trumpeter "Sturer Emil" - its DONE!!

Its DONE!!!
This build will be placed under: 1/35 Trumpeter "Sturer Emil" label
and also will be in my site: when its done :o)

After a couple of months on the bench.. i'm glad this tank is DONE!!
so that i can move on with other build.... the Elefant tank...
My first open-top tank so please be gentle. :lol:

As i mentioned before, not much weathering will be on my tank as i like it a clean but for this i'm going a bit crazy on the lower part of the hull.

I used soft pastel earth tones mixed with water to achieve the effect as it is.

Before i apply the dust, i wash with raw umber/black/sienna oil paints+ zippo fluid applied around the raised area on the tank.
The wash it being applied with the downward direction while maintaining some of the "residue" of the oil in the bolt area.
Ammo storage (note the gold shell)

My digicam just failed to focus on macro shot, thus resulted in the above and below photo, not very clear but i guess we can see the small parts painting i've done to it. My shaking fingers just cannot stand painting small parts!!. and this is all i can manage. Hope it does justice to the tank.

Another angle of the open top

 another side of the tank. note the kill-marking on the barrel...

i think its illogical for the crew to leave the ammunition like that on a tank but need to show it somewhere.. :o) 

Its done.. and moving on to the next build... Elefant tank from Italeri... next WIP will be up soon.. stay tune.
and thanks for the support... and encouragements!!.

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