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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Armored Vehicles - Continue of the SMM2011 event photos

As promised yesterday, below is another set of photos of the entries during the 2-day event last weekend at HHQ.

This is for the Armored Vehicles category, i just took a overview of the entry, not a specific ones.
Just to give the idea of the entries submitted during the event and also to make this page loads a little faster. :o)

Next page..

4 Comments this post:

Encik MamaT said...

aku nampak kete kebal ko kuman.. hehe

Nur Hawa Mohd Zin said...

wow...awe suka tgk benda2 macam ni :)

sarah-najwan said...

wow...canggih2 kuman..memang kelaz hasil kamu...


Unknown said...

@EnMamat - haaa... ada tank yg familiar kan... cuma Abrams tu jer takde WIP kat blog nih taks empat nak post.. :) gambaq siap ada la.. nnt ekk

@Hawa san- TQ TQ

@Sarah: TQ TQ.. biasa ajer kak.. ada lagi yg lagi 100x kelazzz!!

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