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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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RMS Titanic is DONE!!!!

Just a few minutes ago... i called this project completed!!! and now ready for SMM 2011 in KL..(what is this SMM 2011.. click me!)

as a teaser here is the not-so-detail-shots of my RMS Titanic..

I'll post a better photo a little later...

Now i can look forward to another build... hmmm i wonder what will it be next..

kuman :o)

2 Comments this post:

Hairil Rizal said...

Kuman, that looks impressive indeed. Scale apa tu? 1:350 ya?

Nnti jgn lupa post detailed photos ok!

Pasni buat...kapal layar plak. OK?

Kuman Chaos said...

Hairil.. actually 1:400 scale..
ha'ah mmg nak amik gambaq yg detail sikit... nanti aku update..
Lepas ni? ehhe ingat nak rehat jap dalam 2-3 hari... maybe nak buat Space Shuttle Discovery kot...dah dryfit dah...

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