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Monday, May 23, 2011

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Scale Models Malaysia 2011: Awesome event!!!

Last Saturday, i was down in KL for the SMM 2011 event, and it was an awesome event (click me for detail)

With a total of 99 entries from various categories, it was the biggest entry for this event.
I was there with 7 of my models, hauled all the way from up-north in my car and i'm glad that the models survived the long journey ;o)

My entries are 1. RMS Titanic,  2. Kiowa Warrior Helicopter, 3. AAVP7A1 tank, 4. M1A2 Abrams, 5. Eagle transporter, 6. Star Wars ATAT Walker, 7. Tornado Gr1

I have a couple of shot from the event, but for now enjoy this..

I'm still recovering from the journey and it was a very worthwhile trip for me.. although i only there on the first day (Saturday), my modelling colleague informed me last night that some of my entries got a medal.
Once i got more detail i'll update in here.. :)

I'll post more photos in another entry after i processed it.

Stay tune...
p/s: The Result was announced on Sunday.

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