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Saturday, October 15, 2011

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WIP: British Challenger 2 MBT Op. Telic (Part 3)

 moving on with this build..

 next painting the desert color.

from various reference online i can see that the Challenger color varies from yellow to dark yellow.. but most of it will be in yellow color (yellow is not referring to that  of bright yellow, but rather a slight yellow tint.. cant imagine seeing a bright yellow tank in action :o) ).

here are the colors i'll  be using to simulate the yellow paint..

 Gunze Arcylic H318 (Radome), H27 (Tan) and H79 (Dark Yellow)

and the result after a few layers of the color above. The way i sprayed it is starting with the Dark Yellow - Tan - and finally the Radome color.

I think i'll need to add more Tan to the color above, will update the final color very soon.

next step is to create a few Jersey Barrier, to add to the base for this build.
 I'll be scratchbuilding the barrier based on the information i found online.

till later.

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