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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Academy Merkava III (The Build) - Part 1

I began the new year with this IDF tank offering from Academy. I believe its an old kit and based on a prototype of the Merkava 3 tank. so this build is solely an OOB build thus i'll leave the "prototype" version as it is.

I'll only be adding some anti-slip on the surface of the tank by doing so it gives me an opportunity to test using Texture paint to make an anti-slip. I still have a few Stryker that could use a nice anti-slip coating thus this would help me in the Stryker build later on (not too sure when that's going to be).

On to the build, the construction is fairly simple and i got it done in a few days. Now i'm at surfacing and painting the surface and too see how the anti-slip looks like.

on to the photo..

The Turret
anti-slip on the upper hull

anti-slip on the turret

It seems that i dont have enough anti-slip on the surface.. will add more and will post some updates after that..

until then.. :D

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