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Friday, January 18, 2013

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Listen..Listen..Listen.. a good read..

Not my writing.. just something that i find in the internet that i think worth mentioning.. a good read...
Sharing it here.. :)

From Google

A good read.

Listen.. Listen.. Listen.. well listen.. there is a reason why we have to pay for our education, because there is a value to knowledge.. We put value to it so that people will appreciate education.. it is irrelevant to compare and contrast Malaysia with countries like Argentina, Brazil etc. Those are poor countries, where the rich ones are either drug mafias or football players..

So listen, listen, listen.. education is free over there, when the country could have spend it on developing the nation. Ask yourselves, is that what you want in a country? What is the value of striving hard for education achievements when everybody is rewarded equally? Why should my child study harder than yours, when there is no such thing as having to strive for JPA scholarship, Petronas, Maxis etc etc?

Of PTPTN , My family could afford sending me for my first degree without having to apply for PTPTN, but i choose to apply for it because i would not want to trouble my parents for my fees and expenses. I finished my degree on time, worked for a year, kept enough money to continue with my Masters, and Yes, there were hard times. But there is a value to knowledge, and I am willing to pay. I am willing to work from 9am to 6pm and attend classes from 6.30pm to 10pm. With God's will, I have sat for my last paper last Sunday and I am anxiously waiting for the results to complete my Masters in Corporate Law. I had worked very hard for the past 2 years, juggling my time as a student and as a worker, spending money to travel up and down, my notes my assignments - all of which needs money..but it paid off, for every hardship Allah promises the reward. Alhamdulillah, I have a good job, my office is a happy place to be, at 25 years old I earn more than double what others my age earn. The amount I invested in my degree and masters education is more than paid off. And yes, every single cent of financing my education comes from hard work.

Listen..listen..listen.. Free education is available in Malaysia. Score 4 flats and PTPTN would be more than happy to waive your study loan. Spend more time studying rather than rallying, and the loan is waived. Effort and Reward. Muslims should be familiar with the concept. The same goes to all sect of faith.

Complain..complain..complain.. It is sad to see that some of us only know how to complain. Instead of asking ourselves, what have we contributed to the nation, we keep on asking ourselves, what have not the country give to us. If this is the same mindset our forefathers had, we would have never achieved independence. But no, some of our great grandmothers gave away their jeweleries, mortgaged their lands for the sake of the countries independence. Sad that people of this generation are willing to jeopardize the nation's social, and economy stability for the political recognition of some. Add value to life, add value and be rich. Rich as in not only monetarily rich, but rich in values, good morale and happiness.

Listen.. Listen.. I have heard from some that "we have to fight our way because we are deprived of our rights and freedom and etc". As far as 25 years of my life is concerned, never have i not been able to perform my Solah because of the government's restriction. Never have i not been able to go out and spend good times with my loved ones. My right to speak? Well, that is for me to position myself, am i talking with deep knowledge or am i just talking craps. Yet, I have no problem in expressing how I feel. Write to the PM if you have to, use the social media if you have to, but do it wisely, do it with knowledge and understanding of the outcome and result. Do not provoke if what you want to achieve is to be heard and respected.

Listen.. thats what my parents had always said to me when I need to be reminded, or I need to be corrected, or when I need to take up the responsibility towards my wrongful actions. They tell me to listen. And boy had I not been a rebellious juvenile those days.. but I was nurtured well, because I was often told to listen. As I grow, I understand the need to listen to those who knows better. I learn to respect the elderly and appreciate them more for their experience, knowledge and it always starts by just listening to what they have to say.

Parents being parents, would only want the best for their children. Would we only want to care and show love to our parents when they are old and gray? Well I dont, I tell them everyday I love them and from my actions, my parents know how much they I care for them.

The same goes to the nation, must we only show love when it withers away with breeze of hatred, shallowness of mentality and the refusal to acknowledge of responsibility? The answer lies within yourselves.

So, Yes, there are times in life when you should just stop in track and LISTEN.

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