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Thursday, January 17, 2013

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Malaysia First Day Cover: The Woodpecker (13.01.13)

My first FDC for the year 2013 and coincidentally its being release on Sunday (Jan 13, 13) my off day so i rushed to the Post Office to get my copy of the FDC

I consider myself lucky on that day, since i got the last copy of the FDC Envelope and the Miniature Sheet, how i know? the dude Q'ing behind me only able to buy the 3 stamps...

What to do, but no worries since i guess this would probably up for sale at anyway... so go over there and get your copy of the FDC... but the price might be up by 10%-20% (i know this since i bought some of the issue i missed via

anyway here are the FDC...

The Miniature Sheet
until my next FDC :o)

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