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Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Trumpeter 1/48 Seahawk FGA MK6 - WIP (1)

Its been a while since i last post any of my scale models in my blog. Not that i've stop building, but rather been busy to actually put any progress here.

Now i have 2 consecutive build on the bench and both are due in June 2013, so here is the first lot of the 2. the Trumpeter 1/48 Seahawk FGA MK6 aircraft.

The Box art
The build is straight forward just with an occasional issue i always have with the seam-lines on the side of the fuselage. A little putty and sanding clean it up pretty nicely.

I'll be doing this in a Sues Campaign 1956 scheme for the 810 Sqn on board the HMS Albion.

Primed and ready for the pain booth and i'll will build this with its wing folded. To save some space in my display cabinet :)

The kit supplied the Suez stripes for the Seahawk as a decal but i'm being a modeler that i am like to make thing hard for myself... so i decided to mask the stripes and airbrush them one by one..

See below..for more..

Masking the yellow stripes

Masking the black stripes

And the final result..

And the paint i'll be using for the rest of the plane.
H331- Dark Seagray
H74 - Sky/Duck Egg Green

More later... now in the midst of painting the above color for the Seahawk FGA MK6.. will update more soon.

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