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Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Trumpeter Seahawk FGA MK6 - decal (WIP 2)

its been a while..

Follow-up on my WIP 1 on this Trumpeter Seahawk FGA MK6

moving on with the build and finally manage to complete the decal process... and i end-up have to remove my earlier painting of the Invasion Stripes due to the dimension is out of specs... and i end-up using the decal for the stripes on the wings...

Before paint stripped
After using the decal and some panel wash.. better is it?

I really wish i did that much sooner (using the decal on the wings) since it just fit nicely to the wings and sure save me from the hassle of masking it .. anyway its done and i'm really glad.

So after the decal i move on doing a panel wash with Promodeller Dark... and the effect is really nice.. and this is the first time that i use Promodeller Dark wash on the whole aircraft.

The result as as follows...

Next.. will need to clear coat and touch-up with some weathering...

Hopefully my next post this Trumpeter Seahawk FGA MK6 is done and ready for the event in June 15, 2013...

until later..
 for now i'm off to my Department Dinner @ The Manhattan Fish Market....

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