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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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OF "Stryker" and PE - A Trumpeter Stryker M1126 "ICV" build Part 1

15 days in the new year 2014 and i'm starting it off with a new build from Trumpeter Stryker M1126 "ICV"

inspired to do this after i "accidentally" registered myself to a campaign in called "Armorama - Trumpeter Campaign"

I've long been a fan of Stryker and have acquired quite a few models of Stryker variant... and only have the courage to actually start building one of them.

I choose this because i think i should start with a "simple" vehicle just to get the feel of building the Stryker before tackling the whole collection.

The kit i'm using now is the Trumpeter 00375 M1126 Stryker "ICV". ReviewKit review by PerthMilitaryModelling + the PE Upgrade set also by Trumpeter (Review)

I begin the build with the wheels.. i'm trying to be cheap by trying to make my own sagged wheels for the stryker and the result is acceptable by using the supplied Vinyl wheel..

What i did was i cut some sprue and stuff it inside the wheel.. i did it on all 8 wheels and the final result..
Look bulgy and sagged to me.. so i think this is ok...

Next.. the turned-wheels.... always wanted to make a turned wheel for my stryker and i did it with a bit of surgery to the undercarriage.... and noted that this is still WIP so a new rod not yet installed.. :)

Will update more on the wheels once i got more progress to it.. until then...

NEXT: PE... :)

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