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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Hard Rock Cafe Osaka shotglass: recap

Did a bit of clean-up for my Hard Rock Cafe display cabinets a while back and taking some photos of my collection..

below are the glasses i have for Hard Cafe Osaka...
the one at the center a colleague bought for me i believe sometimes in 2008.. all i need now is the normal glas shot to complete the Hard Rock cafe Osaka... the 2 cityshots i'm not too sure when is the issue dated but i think the most recent one is the one on the right... i'm not a collector that need to have every new issue of the cityshots but having at least one in the collection for the related location is a must for me.. :)

I'll upload more photo of my Hard Rock Cafe shotglass from time to time... as i try to document all my collection (not that many) in a proper format...

until then,,


3 Comments this post:

Lynna Ghani said...

gilerz ramai followers! hohoho

fairuzatzcon said...

Can you post the cabinet of your shot glass collection ?

Kuman Kumin said...

@fairuzatcon: come back later... will post my cabinet in a bit :)

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