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Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta: Cityshots & Grand Opening

Now the HRC Jakarta collection is complete with the addition of the Cityshots & The Grand Opening...

A friend visited Jakarta last week and he offered to get some Hard Rock cafe Jakarta how can i resist..

and yesterday i received the package with 2 Hard Rock Cafe shotglasses.. the City shots and the Grand Opening....

err i thought Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta opened many years ago.. but why only now released a Grand Opening shotglass to mark the event? or they re-opened at a new location?

this i need to check further...

the Orange Circle a friend bought for me many years ago... just to share the complete Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta shot glasses so i includes it in the "group photo"

next maybe a set from Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco.. a friend is visiting it next month.. :o)

until then.
until later

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