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Saturday, September 13, 2014

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IDF Merkava 2 with KMT-4 Mineroller - ITS DONE!!

And its finally DONE!!!

on Friday September 12, 2014... with 1 day to spare until the event..

the rest of the W.I.P can be viewed All my Merkava 2 WIP.

Something come up at the last minutes, so i cannot make it to the event Modern AFV Showdown.. so this will only make an appearance as a virtual entry :(

Since i'm not really into figures.. so my base for the Merkava is without any figure.

This a very good experience for me and quite frankly only my 2nd tank that i did weathering to this level...
still much.. much.. more to learn and a lot more mistakes to encounter.. but this is it for this Merkava 2.

Enjoy the photos.. :) (click on the photo for a larger view) 
comments are welcomed.

will take a few days of break before i proceed to my next project... Stryker ICV and a few pending aircraft models on the workbench....

Thanks for the visit..

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