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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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IDF Merkava 2 with KMT-4 Mineroller - Wip#5 - FINAL

UPDATES...3 Days to go!!

The rest of the WIP can be viewed @ All Merkava 2 WIP

i really hope that this is the last WIP update for this build.. next update (...hopefully...) is a completed updates...

from my eyes.. this is about as much i can do for this build.. still a few things pending which will be added by the time this completed... and still have 3 days until the event....

thing that i need to add:

1. Antennas
2. cover/mesh/net cover for the turret basket.
3. add machine-guns
4. blend the track to the base
5. add some Future to the front of the tank... a puddle of water if you may.
6. almost forget... flat coat the turret
7. A proper photoshoot for the build..

Unfortunately... the Jersey Barrier i created earlier will be present in this base sad.gif.. due to space constraint.. sad.gif

until then.. enjoy the grainy photos below..



KMT4 Mine roller

until later.

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