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Monday, October 31, 2016

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1/35 Trumpeter "Sturer Emil" - WIP#1 - Build

This build will be placed under: 1/35 Trumpeter "Sturer Emil" label
and also will be in my site: when its done :o)

With the completion of my F-15 build, moving on with next subject a Sturer Emil from Trumpeter.
Another OOB build from me.. (need to keep the momentum going)

Never build a open-top tank before.. here goes.. :)

 A fairly fast build as i just follow the instruction, but need to pause a few step since some of the interior need to be painted first.
 Dry fit of the gun assembly and the open-top.

 The gun without the top :o)

This gun mount have to be the most complicated section of the build .. so far

NEXT: Painting the innard

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