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Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Building the famous RMS Titanic...

"You jump, i jump" 
-- Perhaps one of the most famous sentences uttered in the whole 1997 movie Titanic by James Cameron.

Another build from me since my last build (the Space 1999: Eagle Transporter) is about to be completed soon.

This time around, i'll be building the famous RMS Titanic ship in 1/400 scale (about 2.3 feet long). This is the first ship build for me in this humongous scale. Dunno if i'm up to the challenge since this is a big plunge for me in ship modelling.

I bought this kit a few years back together with an Eduard PE to complement the ship detailing. And this build i target it to be completed by March 26, 2011. Overly ambitious? yes.. since my track record of building anything usually will take around 2-3 months to finish, but i'll try my very best o get ti competed in the time-frame. allocated.

On to the photos...The box art.

The kit parts.

The length of the kit hull. Compare it to the floor tiles (1x1 ft) and you can see the length of it is around 2.3ft.

That's it for now... to this is the first time i'm doing this and wish me luck...


"I'll never let go, Jack. I promise."

6 Comments this post:

sarah-najwan said...

ni sebahagian keje kamu yer?salu buat mini atur gini..

yg dulu jet tu da siap yer
ni nk buat RMS titanic yer..
nati musti lawa kan..

gud lak kuman..
buat cantik2 deh..

Kuman Chaos said...

- hobby je kak... so nak ekna semangat buat baru bleh letak kat rumah :D insyallah setakat mampu buat ajer.. :D

DKosongLapan said...

kipidap kumanx......memang mike ni jenih penyabo betoi leeee

hans said...

ingatkan story pasal yang diorang buat muzium kapal besar dkt US tu tadi

Vote Hans Bernombor 10 Diruangan Komen

LadyBird said...

best2 :)

palan said...

saya duk jitra, kt mna kdai paling dekat nak dapatkan kit model? kos utk peralatan basic berape ye?

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