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Monday, January 31, 2011

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Building Eagle Transporter - at 80% Completion

Updates!!!..Space 1999:Eagle Transporter

Sorry for the delay, got caught up with my "make a living" job, and only a few days ago got the chance to sit back and enjoy the hobby... and can continue with this Eagle Transporter.

This is where i'm at as of last night, all the parts painted and also applied a coat of Future as a preparation to decal this spaceship.

Under the retro-rockets to the side of the Eagle, i have to actually mask and spray some black there to replace the decal that was suppose to go there. the decal supplied with the kits is unusable so have to spray it.
Luckily it just a small spraying job.

Tonight i can proceed with decalling and then can give this model a wash with Turpentine + Oil Paints.

After that another coat of Satin then this is done. Now i can work on the Landing pad and then move on to  my RMS Titanic.. :D

5 Comments this post:

LadyBird said...

nanti kalau dah siap pasti cantik lagi :)..

p/s : rumitnyer nak buat..

Kuman Chaos said...

- memula mmg rumit sikit tapi bila dah biasa ok jer.. :D
TQ sbb komen

Hairil Rizal said...

Rajin lor ganti decal dgn custom spraying.

Nak wat camne la kan...bukan boleh beli decal gantian utk model rare camtu...

Bruce's Domain said...

Wow, Landy and you competing ka?

Kuman Chaos said...

hahaha no la.. not competing with him.// just got inspired ahahha

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