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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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Blog: Add Menu Scroll Box to the widget in sidebar

Just something i added to this blog to make the blog a little bit more organized.

From the origin of the site for the tutorial

I added a scroll Box to the bottom of the sidebar, this is merely a way for me to test out the functionality of the ScrollBox before i use it for the rest of the blog... more like a proof-of-concept for me.

I test on my "ANUGERAH" widget to the right bottom of the page.

The link to the original site of the tutorial can be found in my Blog Stuff page (Click ME!)
Entry no 7 on the very top of the page (updated today... Feb 01, 2011).

Hope this helps you guys in making your blog more functional.

Anyway, more Scale Modelling updates coming in the next few days including the completed Eagle Transporter and the progress for my RMS Titanic build.

Stay Tune..

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Noriz said...

good tQ

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