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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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"Gutless" F7U Cutlass - decalling issue!

Urgh... today is the day 12.12.12! :D

So let see who is hiding somewhere..

anyway.. just a little progress on my "Gutlesss" Cutlass... not the decal stage.

The decal Hobbycraft decal is thin and register very well on the aircraft... IF you manage to get it off the backing paper.

I soaked the decal in lukewarm water, also no go.. so armed with 2 twezzers i manually and intricately "operate" on the decal and the result as follows...

unfortunately, not all decal survived the "operation", here are some of the casualties... they just wont come off the backing paper and this is a PITA to see....

So my Cutlass will have to live without these decals... next step is to assemble all the sub assemblies landing gears, landing gear doors, canopy tail-hook etc.

hopefully my next update on this would be the finish shots..

until then... oh BTW: enjoy the 12.12.12 :D

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