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Saturday, December 15, 2012

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UP-Disney 3D Movie at RTM TV2

This a very old disney movie, animated movie from Pixar... and i just watched it an hour ago
shame on me!!

it was released May 29, 2009 and i only watched it ,,,again... an hour ago!!!

it is a good animation movie very funny and full of good stories for the young ones.

My only gripes about the movie is that the timing of the show.. it starts at 10pm and lasted for a full 2 hours to midnight... not a very good time for little ones to stay awake and watching movies..... although tomorrow is not a school day (ehh.. i forgot.. now is school holiday)... besides the point.....

Anyway... i never thought that the movie was going ot be this good.. the first 20 minutes the greatest moments of the movie... setting the pace of Mr Frediksen and his wife Ellie.. touching moments of a guy in their old age :(

For the synopsis.. check it out from Wikipedia Click Me!!

This is a disney movie that everyone should watch... rent a dvd, find it ON DVD and watched it with the whole family... i dare you to laugh :D

Now watching ALCATRAZ.. a nice series (i think since its just the first episodes) but i think it got cancelled last May.. on well....

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