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Sunday, December 09, 2012

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wohoo!! 10,000 visitors... in 3 years??

Been REALLY busy past week.. and when i finally got the time this morning..
 wah!! 10,002 visitors from Malaysia!! cool...

Well.. not a big news for some.. but for my small-little blog this calls for a celebration!!!..

Some other blog clocked 10,000 visitors/day but mine 10,000 visitor per 2-3 years.... that's awesome i never thought it would get visited like this many people (or bots) but this is one of the small little target i set when i created this blog...

Maybe i should increase my frequency of post that i can increase visitors faster :lol:

anyway.... more update coming up such as the
- Cuti-Cuti Malaysia session with the family, and
- my latest scale model builds and the mission to make a proper portfolio for my Scale Modelling stuff (thinking of using Photobook for that.. will see)
- Illustrator / Inkscape tracing task...

And hopefully Malaysia can beat Thailand tonite and please Dato' Rajagopal let Farizal Marlias be the goalkeeper tonite.....

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