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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK

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Building AAV-7A1 (Part 1)

This is my latest modelling project, which is a AAV-7A1. More information about this AAV-7A1 ..HERE..

and the kit of choice is MiniHobby kit. Scary stuff to build and of-course do not compare this to the Tamiya offering... very the different...
Since the MH offering is just very crude since it is meant to be use as a toy, they even included an engine and battery compartment in this kit. Of course i'll not be using them.

This the kit box

I'll skip all the construction stuff since i just follow what even in the instruction sheet and plunge right into the painting stage..

so i'm building this as OOB and now i'm at painting stage..
completed the first camo color.. of course somehow initially my plan was to have this in Desert scheme (dark yellow) but now decided to test doing those with green-yellow-black camo thing..

in This segment.. i already finish the first camo which is the yellow-brown color. I used Gunze Wood Brown H37 (suggested by the kit to use XF-64 Red Brown).
and i'm doing this free hand... never try, never know right... and thats why my camo not the same as the suggested camo from instruction.. hope this is ok.. biggrin.gif

here is the out come... and if you noticed that the surface a bit glossy, this is due to me spraying Hairspray to simulate chip later on.... i forgot to do it earlier ...

I'll update more tomorrow..

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