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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

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Safari for Windows

Testing the new web-browser.
The "Visually-Pleasing" Safari

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Last couple of nights, i have the urge to try a new web-browser.
I tried Google Chrome and loving it, now i need to try something else namely Safari.
I still haven't tested all the features yet, but i can feel that the speed is almost the same as using Chrome and Mozilla. plus the interface is very refreshing.

I especially loved the Top-Sites feature that will be loaded when you start Safari and this is very refreshing to have all the sites that you frequently visit to show in front of you; of course you need to add your frequently visit sites to the TOP-Sites for it to show there.

Oh the top sites show the view of the pages not just some link (like some of the browser i tested before). This is a very visually pleasing for the eyes.

The same goes for the History page, every page is shown as an image capture of your visited site, very nice.

So far i'm loving it because it offers something new and visually pleasing (some people might find it a bit slow due to the loading of the image of the pages you use).

I'll give this a a try and maybe this will be my favorite to replace Mozilla that I'm currently using.

Now go and give Safari a try by downloading it here.

Now that i've used Safari, its time for me to change the look of my Windows XP/Windows 7 to match the whole Apple OS look that is the story for another entry..


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