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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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The Malayan Emergency

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Last sunday, i watch this documentary in History Channel (Ch 555) to see the much anticipated (by me at least) documentary regarding the Malayan Emergency period (this is in conjunction with the Merdeka month).

here is a snippet of the documentary.

I think that is the best documentary regarding the topic that i've seen, it makes learning history interesting again (now i know why i slept during my history lesson back in the days). Now i know what really happen on the day and what have been done and the sacrifices made by all related personal (military & civilian) to get over the period.

From the documentary, i can see how Sir Gerald Templer did what he did to maintain order (like imposing strict curfew in Tanjong Malim as a Collective Punishment for not supplying information regarding the Communist in the area following an ambush on a group going to repair a sabotaged pipelines.

Also the ingenious way opt by the Special Branch in modifying the radio set to transmit the location deep in the jungle to aid the air-bombing party...

i think that all people should watch this documentary to get a glimpse of what happen during the Emergency Period.

For those who missed it, the re-run will be aired throughout the month.

Now i'm looking forward for their next documentary next sunday (August 22, 2010) entitled VAT 69: Very Able Troopers

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