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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - "Priming" DONE!!

Another round of updates..
 (to see previous "progress"of this tornado click ME! )

As promised,

over the weekend i manage to complete the "Priming" of the Tornado.

Here is the result.

So tonight i can continue with the "Pre-shading" process. 
Pre-shading will make the aircraft dirty again :D

I'll pre-shade it with a dark-grey paint which is out of the norm for me as i usually would use black for the preshade process.
i'll explain more with photos tomorrow for better understanding.

in the mean time, here is another shot of the Tornado after priming.

Looks smooth and clean.

Stay tune...

4 Comments this post:

sukemakan said...

mcm bes je kuman!

Kalamhati said...

canggihnyee..kuman ni mesti org penting ni kan..huhu

Unknown said...

@sukemakan: memang best buat model nih.... tetambah bila dah siap.. lagi best...

Unknown said...

@kalamhati: mmg penting pun hahaha penting untuk family...dan hobby ni la kak...

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