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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - "Decal WIP... "

Decal application is ongoing.!!

After preparing all the necessary solutions and "mindset" (yes!! need to have a clear mind to do decal, if your mind in a mess; STOP and get some fresh air before you proceed :o) ), it's time to begin the "interesting" step of "decorating" the Tornado.

Here is the decal that i'm going to apply on my Tornado, its a ferocious "smiling-shark" markings that is quite a sight during the Desert Storm air-campaign.

Around the gun-vent i need to touch-up a little bit with paint, somehow the decal not covering it properly.
The complete decal can be seen below.

If you look closely, you'll noticed that some part of the decal got some minor nudity on it, so with thinking that some minor might stumble upon this Tornado build, i decided to censor part of the decal. Practically i want to make this blog a "U" rating "EVERYONE".. :o)
I think the decal is a bit thick luckily for the use of Mr Softer, i manage to get it to conform to the curves and panel-lines perfectly..

Also i noticed (after its too late to rectify) that the shark-teeth got an xtra bit of "teeth" on it... thus making the "smile" a bit longer and does give me a bit of a problem with the kill-marking application.

I'll think of a way to overcome this and update in my next entry.

For now.. enjoy the progress..

See you guys in the next entry.

6 Comments this post:

Robot | Sakti said...

lu ni meamng minat mainan askar eh.

dasyat-dasyat koleksi.


Unknown said...

@Robot san: yup... minat kumpul dan minat buat :D
TQ sbb singgha mia la lagi nnt :o)

Hairil Rizal said...

Setuju...pasang decal keje paling perlu fokus dan konsentrasi dlm scale modeling.

Sekali dia terpeleot, abesss...kena order set decal baru daaa!

Warlord suka corak shark mouth tu especially kat A-10 Warthog.

ejoy said...

menarik nyer...

Unknown said...

@Hairil: betul tu... kalau silap.. abis.. dah ler leceh nak kena paint semula// :D

Unknown said...

@Ejoy: terima kasih terima kasih.. :D

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