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Friday, December 24, 2010

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Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - "More Chipping... "

Continue on with the build.

As referring to my previous update, a few of my modelling colleague suggested me to add more small paint chipping effect to the model.

So armed with my fine-tip-brush and an Olive-green Vallejo paint, i begin the extra-chipping process.

After a few minutes, here is the result.

The underbelly:

The Overall:

Also noted that the inside of the speed brakes also already being sprayed with Light Grey paint.

Of course, all this already being sealed with a coat of FUTURE.

And this is the Vallejo paint i used earlier, but the paint should be Olive Green, the photo here just to show how the Vallejo Paint looks like. Its a very easy paint to apply using brush. Which reminds me to restock some of the paint later on.

Looks ok to my eyes.. :D

Stay tune!!

7 Comments this post:

zaL_cdpx said...

wauuuu...i loike this too ~

sarah-najwan said...

ni tak siap2 lagi ke kuman??...lama benar kamu dok ngan mini atur nih..hheee..

slmt berkerja kumannn..

Hairil Rizal said...

Paint chipping memang perlu utk kasi realistik lagi especially utk combat aircraft in service

Unknown said...

@zal san: tq ..tq.. teruskan lah membaca ek... :D

Unknown said...

@sarah: ha'ah kak.. sikit lagi nak siap nih... banyak lagi yg menuggu dalam Q..

Unknown said...

@Hairil: benar sekali.. tapi kalau terlebih chipped pun payah gak nak buat :D

Fasihah Supian said...

macam projek yang besar je kuman...

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