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Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - "Chipping & Future"

Another round of update:

Paint chipping on a regularly used aircraft is normal, so i try to replicate this in my build as well and this is the first time i'm doing it.

I'll be using a product called "Masking Sol" to cover the previous paint (from the pre-shade process) to show the paint underneath once i remove the final layer of paint from the chipped area.

The yellow tape above is to protect the surrounding area around the airbrake base once i begin to spray the paint there (this will be done tonight). Note the paint chipping on the Horizontal Stabilizer.

Also i'll be hand brushing a coat of "FUTURE" (floor wax) to cover the paint job on my aircraft also act as a preparation for my decalling process.

More photo of the paint chipping... a minimal effect this time around.

The Wheel bay that will need to be painted later tonite.

Last but not least, the exhaust nozzle.. painted with Metal Black.. (not Black metal yaa)

Stay tune for more update... :D

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velasrizal said...

nice bro..

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Sharinginfoz said...

very satisfied doing something that we really like

Kuman Chaos said...

@velasrizal: terima kasih... TQ.. TQ.. :D

Kuman Chaos said...

@Sharinginfoz: you're 100% correct. The feeling is indescribable...Thanks... :o)

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