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Thursday, December 09, 2010

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Modelling RAF Tornado Gr1 - Desert Storm - "Pre-shading"

Another updates:

Last night i manage to do pre-shading on the tornado.

This time i use Dark-green instead of the regular black.

The reason for pre-shading is to make the recess line darker as compared to the overall color as evident on a real aircraft.

On real aircraft, the panel lines will be slightly darker so pre-shading will give the impression of the same effect on the model.

And i use my handpiece to make the line by using a low pressure and make sure the handpiece nozzle as close as possible to the panel line on the model.

(more shots below)

For some unknown reason, my hands are not steady as they used to, so the resulted panel lines (pre-shading) is a bit wavy lines...

The result of the pre-shading makes the model looks dirty now, but on the next step this will be "rectified" by the camo color of the aircraft.

Stay tune for the next step and the fun step... applying the camo color for this aircraft....

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hans said...

blogger kedah ker?

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Hairil Rizal said...

Oo..itu namanya pre-shading ya?
Baru tau caranya... :)

Gayahspears said...

wah... ni lagi menarik... berapa kelajuannya bro???

LadyBird said...


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