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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

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Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru

Last sunday, we traveled to a place near Juru Autocity for a quick bite or early dinner (since its still 4:30pm) just somewhere to bring my daughter to eat something different.

We've been to this restaurant a few times already, so last sunday i didnt take any new photo so the photo you see here is already around 12-16 months old..

but the food and surrounding still the same... you still got to see fisherman come and go on their boat just right until the sun is about to set.

Their signboard, as of last sunday, is really faded already and you cant read it properly since most of the words are gone, so the above picture would be the best to see the name of the restaurant.

We ordered a few dish mainly my favorite (at this restaurant) Nasi Goreng Ketam (which this time of the year, the crab is so expensive which net me RM11 per plate).

and the view from this restaurant is just very scenic..

Will visit them again in the near future...

p/s: somehow i think i already talk about this place before... hahaha

2 Comments this post:

Yatre Hayati said...

makan makan...seronoknya :0

btw thanks visit and drop komen kat blog kita :)

eehtsitna said...

Ooohhh my... now I am hungry. :P

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