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Sunday, November 14, 2010

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Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 6) - Accessories

UPDATES: PART 6 (Wooden Pallet)

(All the Previous AAVP-7A1 build can be seen HERE. )

The last few days, i've been busy giving my AAV-7A1 its finishing touches to make it ready for the Group Build on November 20, 2010 (this ENTRY)

So, as a progress, i've finish creating a wooden pallet to put on the tank as to show that its carrying a lot of load & supplies for the troops.

All were created from scratch using only :
  1. plastic-sheet, (for the wooden pallet)
  2. normal gauze, (for netting)
  3. some white glue, (to make everything stay in place)
  4. some masking tape (as strap)
  5. some fine wire (as barbwire)
  6. some capacitors from broken Power Supply (for the drums)

First the completed wooden pallet:

The stuff that's going to be on the pallet..

When all of it come together:

That's it for now,

next i'll show the canvas roll i created using face tissue.. :D


kumanworks version 3 coming soon...

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