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Friday, November 05, 2010

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Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 5)

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(kuman: a little bit more about my hobby ya.. :))

Part 1 of the build. 
Part 2 of the build
Part 3 of the build 
Part 4 of the build

Part 5:

Another round of updates guys...

the build is closing to the end already  (but not quite)

i heed the advise of some of you guys to really make the track dirty.
So i make some adjustment and below is the result so far..

and the tank is glued to the base already.... no turning back now..

The VERY MUDDY track.

Another View

The roll of "dawai"?,

The chains... not yet painted.. just a test only.
does it look ok on the tank like that?

Just test fitting the base to the frame that i removed earlier.

i'm thinking of making this as a stuck-in-mud-base.... since i think that put a lot more mud on the track as i originally intended.

so maybe i'll add some tow chain to the from of the tank to show that this tank is in the process of moving out from the muddy river bank...

NEXT: i need to add some antenna and paint those darn chains..
then i can call it done...

hopefully by the next time you guys see this, it will be DONE!!

2 Comments this post:

Hairil Rizal said...

To me the chain is ok as long as you paint it (which u'll do later kan?)

The dawai tu nampak mcm awkward sket la kuman. Mgkn kena make it smaller?

Anyway, the mud - were you using real mud there or what? Looked so real lah!

Kuman Chaos said...

@Hairil: ha'ah paint tu akan paint lagi nanti... sbb yg tu cuma mock-up jer...
dawai tu nak kena buang sebab mcm hg cakap tu la.. awkward ehhe

mud tu mixture of wallputty + water + sand + white glue + jerami penyapu.. + poster color... mix to muddy "taste"

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