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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Scale Modelling for the masses: Why my blog must be in the "Project Disember DJ2B"

Why my blog must be in the "Project Disember DJ2B"

Hope it’s not too late since I just learned about this a few hours ago and surprisingly the due date is midnight tonight (December 1st, 2010)!!
Here goes nothing…
As an effort to introduce the Scale Modeling to the masses (thus sharing my hobby and passion), I reorganized and give my blog a quick jolt from its regular posting behavior and style.
Resulting from that, beginning from November 4th, 2010; I switch my blog back to the initial intention (when I first open this blog back in 2005) of promoting the hobby of Scale Modeling to the people and use this blog as a medium to share my hobby and also help me improve my English.
 That’s the reason why from November 4th, 2010; all my entry is in English and only revolved around Plastics Scale Modeling.

  • 1.       Not many people know about this hobby of mine, often my colleague and neighbor would give me a funny look when they step in my house and saw all these aircraft tanks & ships grace my display cabinet in the living hall. I will need to explain about it saying that this is not a toy and “no” they don’t fly. And my kids also never play with it.
  • 2.       By being featured in this “Projek Disember DJ2B”, I’m hoping that more people will be able to appreciate and enjoy this hobby and have a greater appreciation and understanding for this hobby and “arts”.
  • 3.       I also noticed that ever since I make a shift from my regular posting pre November 4th, the number of visitors is declining as very obviously shown by the attached graph from Nuffnang. But again I’m really thankful  (Alhamdullilah syukur) that some of the “virtual” friends I make during my 2 months stint of active posting, keep coming back and read about my new venture in blogging.

  • 4.       In the near future, expect to see more stuff being featured in my blog such as a Titanic ship (yes!! The ship that sunk and where Jack drew Rose “wearing this, only this”), more aircraft and more tanks & armored vehicles. 
  • 5.       Also tips and tricks that I encounter in my building process.

Pick as one of the 31 lucky blog for the “Projek Disember DJ2B” and hopefully people can learn and know a bit more about this hobby.
Hopefully by better exposure and review, more people can learn and get to know of this wonderful hobby.

3 Comments this post:

Gayahspears said...

wah... join jugak projek DJ2B nie ya??? mantap la kuman pasni~

Kuman Chaos said...

@gayah: usaha elevator kejayaan...

mush said...

hype blOgger merah...huhuu (cikguDahlia yg list kn) sama dengan i, jom suppOrt each Other k??

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