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Friday, November 12, 2010

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The upcoming Amphibian Group Build (November 20th, 2010)

To help promote the event, i hereby post the Amphibian Group Build (AGB) 2010
which will be held next week November 20, 2010.

Event: Amphibian (Katak) Group Build 2010
Venue: Hobby HQ, KL
Date: November 20th, 2010
Time: 10am ~ 5pm

My entry for this GB would be the AAV-7A1 which some of us here already seen it throughout this blog..
here is the link again my Minihobby AAV-7A1 build log

The AAV-7A1 is nearing completion at 99.9%.
I'll post the completed ones later early next week..
stay tune..

for now... enjoy this one teaser shot..

4 Comments this post:

sarah-najwan said...

miniatur katak lak...huhu

**sticky post ke maksud entry kat atas selalu tu kuman? ape yer?

sabree hussin said...

ada pameran amfibia ke ni?

Unknown said...

@sabree: pameran model skala yg bertemakan kenderaan dualam.. jemput laa... kalau free..

Unknown said...

@sarah: best kalau boleh buat miniatur katak eheheh

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