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Thursday, November 04, 2010

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Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 4)

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(kuman: a little bit more about my hobby ya.. :))

Part 1 of the build. 
Part 2 of the build
Part 3 of the build 

Part 4:

Moving along
now i update a lil bit the base since i'm not quite satisfied with the previous result.
it looks to bare and too clean..

also note that i also added a few tree (mock-up tree of course).

This tree will be painted soon since to make it match the scale of the whole base.

This is the rear view of the tank on the base, this portion also will need to be dirtied a bit more..

the top down view of the "river"

The track that have contact with the base also received a much needed weathering to match the base color.
Shown here is the first step of "mudding" the track.

This the before and after shot of the base,
noticed the color difference between the 2.

I got some more progress shot of the tree and the VERY dirty track.

That is due in another entry.

Stay tune.

4 Comments this post:

iLa SaHaR said...

ini perlu kan kesabaran nak siapkan

AngahSayang2314 said...

ermm lain macam jer gambarnya

Hairil Rizal said...

Tanya sket En. Kuman... itu pokok buat dari plastik gak ke amik reranting kayu then make up jadi pokok mini?

Kuman Chaos said...

amik ranting pokok jejarum yang dah kering pastu makeup jadi camtu...
makeup /preserved guna white glue mix with poster color... :D

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