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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Building MiniHobby AAV-7A1 with EAAK (Part 7) - Rolled Canvas

UPDATES: PART 7 (Rolled Canvas)

(All the Previous AAVP-7A1 build can be seen HERE. )

The last few days, i've been busy giving my AAV-7A1 its finishing touches to make it ready for the Group Build on November 20, 2010 (this ENTRY)

 This entry we'll be making Rolled Canvas

The Raw material:

  1. Facial tissue - as the canvas
  2. White glue - to hold the shape
  3. Masking tape - strap

  • - Shape the tissue to a tube (if want to make it rolled) or fold it normally (if you want to make it as a folded canvas)
  • - I did both, and then use the masking tape as a strap.
  • - Dilute the white glue with water and then brush it on the canvas.

  • - Let it dry and then apply base color for it, flat coat it, do a "wash" and you done...



(thanks to a fellow modeller for the tips)

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