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Friday, September 24, 2010

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DiGi iPhone 4 Me

why I want an iPhone 4?

Still need to ask why, a couple of reasons, really:

1. I need to be able to update my blog on the fly wherever i go. (now i need to be at home in front of the Desktop, wired to the internet and typing my blog and scheduled it to post. Tedious. cant imagine me carrying the desktop around right?)

2. I need to be able to visit my friends blog and receive update from them anywhere everywhere (same reasoning as above :o) )

3. My life & work revolve around internet access, with my current phone, i can only make calls and send sms (even MMS also cannot be viewed, pathetic right? :o))

4. I'm a photographer (a beginner really), and always take photos everywhere i go. So i cannot foresee myself carrying a big camera just to take a quick photo of something that i find on the road. So with IPhone 4 excellent 5MP camera, i got that department covered.

5. As a music lover, i also need my music on the go. I now have an MP3 player with 512MB space (wow..its humongous!!). how many songs i can put in and the battery life is also enough for a couple of songs. With IPhone, i can have a lot of it in, and even have the battery (up to 40hrs) to enable me to hear all of them x 2.

6. Related to all the above, imagine now i have on me a digicam, a phone, mp3 player & a desktop. With iPhone i can have only 1 (the iPhone) to cover all the above

7. My current phone limited the number of phone number i can save, now i have to carry a "TIGA LIMA (555)" note book to jot any new contact i have!!

(opsss!! i went overboard of why i want an iPhone 4 heheheh)

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