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Sunday, September 05, 2010

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Weekend busy schedule stuff...phew!!


A few item over the weekend:

1. Trip to KL to seat for my CCNA exam
2. A trip on a "double-decker" express bus (2 way trip)
3. Shopping mad dash at Jalan TAR.
4. Putrajaya "tour"
5. Raya spirit!!

I somehow survived the sea (or rather the whole ocean)of people n Jalan TAR (the famous shopping spot in KL) yesterday (Saturday).

I just make a pit stop there to see what's the fuss is all about and all i see is every bit as what people told me before... a hell lot of people on 1 stretch of road....

more on that later people, since i just arrive from a few hours double-decker bus ride from Putrajaya so let me recuperate first and do some of the household chores (like changing the aquarium water, cleaning the fan blades (all 21 blades in the house) and maybe i can squeeze in some modeling stuff as well...

will put up some photos later as well

we'll see how this day progresses...

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