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Friday, October 22, 2010

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Windows Live Writer Review (Part 2)

This is a continuation from Part 1 a few days ago

Click HERE to read part 1.
Continue on from where we left off.


4. Labels/Categories – at first i’m a bit lost when trying to put Label in my entry since i cannot find it in WLW. Apparently in WLW they put it as Categories. So this is where you can Label you post.

5. Scheduled Option – for those of you who are always on the go, this is where you can schedule your entry before you Publish it, Scheduled option. If you straight away press Publish, you entry will be published by today's date, if you schedule it it will follow the date & time you set. I was looking for this when i first use WLW.

6. Insert Stuff – as the name suggested, all the thing that can be inserted will be in here Image, video, links etc. You can also add on more “plug-in” for example they have screen capture build in with the plug-in.


Other thing to note that they also have a Watermark features build in together with some image formatting tools build in WLW. So you don’t need to use external software to edit your image before you post it to your blog. That is convenient.

I also noticed that, in Blogspot Editor you can use “Page Break” feature readily available in the Editor. But in WLW, you need to use it manually via going to the “Source” of you entry, decide where you want to put the “Page Break” and then use this HTML code for making a “Page-Break”   a little bit inconvenience but it works.

Also another thing to note is that, some formatting will change once you Publish your entry in WLW. For example every paragraph space you have in WLW will be reset in your blog (no more space) so a walk-around this is again you need to edit the entry in Blogspot Editor by adding all the necessary spacing before you publish your post.

But again if you’re fine with no space (so me of the blog i read dont mind this issue), you can just go ahead and publish your post as it is.

We reached the end of this short review & basic guide.

Hopefully you learn something from this review and hopefully this helps you to become a more efficient blogger.

Keep on blogging and dont forget to blogwalk…

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Tetikus said...

info menarik nie
nak try la

Gayahspears said...

wah tutorial..
kuman semakin maju ajar yg bagus~

Amy Syaquena said...


thanks bro info yang sangat menarik..

My Little Diary said...

huhu... tak penah guna... good info

entry terbaru "susahnya menjaga hati"

SYaMiLa said...

tk pernah cuba utk blogspot..

tp utk far ok je...maybe sebab tk explore byk lagi... ;-)

New Entry "Naik Motor Tak Pakai Baju… ^_^"

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